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Market Finders is an E&S Broker specializing in unusual and hard-to-place insurance products. With a long standing foothold in the insurance industry, Market Finders has established outstanding relationships with many insurance companies and a vast network of agents. We retain a large and diversified agency network, and maintain our position in the industry by offering our companies a viable avenue for marketing their products.


Oct-14-2016 - Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches, and Oktoberfests! Fall is here, folks. Market Finders has Special Event coverage for all these events, and more! Call today for more information. 800-626-5660


Oct-14-2016 - It was very nice seeing old friends -- and meeting new ones -- at the Flood Seminars that Market Finders hosted in Cincinnati and Lexington in October. We value the relationship with our agents and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Oct-14-2016 - During the months of October and November, Market Findersí newest team members, Karl Richardson and Seth Dotson, will be found in the Market Finders booth at several of the upcoming Independent Agent Conventions. Be sure to stop by our booth in Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, and Knoxville, TN and meet these guys face-to-face. They are anxious to put a face with the voice!


Oct-14-2016 - We have a few WEEKDAY tickets left for Churchill Downs' Fall Meet. The horses run Wednesday through Sunday during the month of November, and we offer free tickets to our agents and their staff. Please e-mail sdavis@mfic.com if you would be interested in free tickets for 6 to our Clubhouse Box!


Oct-13-2016 - We can finance most all of Market Finders Insurance business through our in-house finance company, MFI Premium Budget. Agents simply collect the down payment and get the finance quote signed -- we'll take care of the rest. Mary Ecken (ext. 1155) and Stephanie Lawson (ext. 1149) are happy to answer your questions. 800.626.5660

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